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Russian Phonetics: Stressed and Unstressed vowels (О, Е, and Я)


Picture of Russian Phonetics: Stressed and Unstressed vowels (О, Е, and Я)
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About this training

Learn to read and correctly pronounce Russian vowels О, Е, and Я with and without stress. Why do we write ТЕЛЕФОН but say ТИЛИФОН...?

...Rules! Find out about them in this video as I cover the rules for pronouncing О, Е, and Я. Stress in Russian is strong and affects the pronunciation of vowels. So if you say the "right" sounds with the wrong stress, it's likely you won't be understood!

That's why this is a MUST STUDY topic for every student of Russian. A little time spent now on phonetics will lay a solid foundation for all your future studies. Whether learning Russian is a hobby for you or part of a career, if you want to understand and be understood, our Russian phonetics course is for you.

Don't forget to do the practice exercises at [ССЫЛКА НА УПРАЖНЕНИЯ] - they'll help make what you learn here stick.

Have questions? Let me know in the comments! Sometimes just phrasing the question helps you to understand.

Until next time, keep calm and learn Russian ;)