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Master prepositions of time [в, за, на, через]


Picture of Master prepositions of time [в, за, на, через]
30 minutes
Russian Grammar

About this training

Learn to use prepositions with time in Russian in this practical training.
This training is for you if...
- you’re unsure when you should use за 2 часа, на 2 часа, в 2 часа, через 2 часа;
- you need practice with prepositions of time in Russian;

The training includes:
- A video lesson with clear explanations and lots of examples from a professional Russian teacher
- Practical exercises to help you to master prepositions like сколько, во сколько, на сколько, как долго, and more when talking about time in Russian.

The skills you learn in this video will help you wherever you speak Russian: talking about the time is something we can't do without.
Feel free to repeat the video and exercises as necessary, and if you've still got questions, leave them in the comments on YouTube!


*Lenght is the approximate time to complete the lesson, including exercises and videos.