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Learn Time Expressions in Russian [Answering “when?”]


35 minutes
Russian Grammar

About this training

Learn how to answer the question “When?” in Russian with various time expressions. 
First, watch the video. Through real-life examples, you'll learn how to answer the question "When?" in Russian with the season, month, day of the week, and more.
Then, move on to practical exercises on our online learning platform. Answer the questions, check yourself, and refer back to the video as needed.
A variety of exercises (fill in the blank, multiple choice, and cloze) with immediate feedback let you know how you're doing.
Upon completing the training, you'll see your score for each exercise - a great way to see if you need more practice or not (extra practice never hurt anyone!).
Good luck! Let us know which time expression gives you the most trouble in the comments on YouTube.


*Lenght is the approximate time to complete the lesson, including exercises and videos.